FLOSS a Open Source Program

Computer Science Lab - 4, Q5JP+6Q2, Vivekananda Campus, Nehru Nagar, Puttur, Karnataka, Puttur, 574203

FLOSS a kick-start session for contributing to open source in Git and Github

Nov 21, 2022, 10:00 – 11:00 AM



Key Themes

Career Development

About this event

Open Source is a most wanted skill set for IT Industries knowing Git and Github and knowing how to contribute to open source will be add on to your resume and skill sets.

This session will be covered for Beginners with Git and GitHub use case with hands on sessions which lets students to get started into git commands.


  • Kishor Krishna K


    GDSC Lead

  • Bhakthishri S Sharma I


    Web Lead

  • Veekshith Amai


    Web Co-Lead

  • Vidya Shree

    GDSC - VC

    Cloud Lead

  • Vidyashree Gowda

    Cloud Co-Lead

  • Prajna Parameshwari P

    GDSC - VC

    App Development Lead

  • Nishanth D


    App Development Co-Lead

  • Anoop Jogibettu

    Technical Co-Lead

  • Avinash Shastry

    GDSC - VC

    Technical Lead

  • Athmeeya R Bhat

    Technical Co-Lead

  • Chaithanya Kulal

    Vivekananda college of arts,science,commerce

    AI / ML Lead

  • Sachin Upparna


    AI / ML Co-Lead

  • Shiva Thejas

    Graphics and Creativity Lead

  • Shreekara M

    Graphics and Creativity Co-Lead

  • Deeksha A

    Vivekananda college of arts,science and commerce puttur

    Management Lead

  • Ankitha K

    Management Co-Lead

  • Krithi M

    Management Co-Lead

  • Kiran Valalambe

    Vivekananda degree college

    Marketing Lead

  • Shiva Arya

    Marketing Co-Lead

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