Google Solution Challenge - Solving Real-World Problems with Technology

The Google Solution Challenge, organized by GDSC Vimeet, is a unique opportunity for students to apply their technical skills to real-world problems. The event is designed to empower participants to make a positive impact on society by developing innovative solutions to address social issues. The event is open to students from all academic backgrounds, and no prior coding experience is required.

Feb 19, 2023, 1:30 – 2:15 PM



Key Themes

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About this event

GDSC Vimeet is proud to present the Google Solution Challenge, an event that empowers students to use their technical skills to solve real-world problems. Participants will work in teams to develop innovative solutions that address a social issue using Google technologies. The event provides an opportunity to learn new skills, collaborate with like-minded individuals, and showcase your talent to the tech industry.

During the Google Solution Challenge, participants will attend workshops to learn about Google technologies and receive mentorship from industry experts. Teams will have several weeks to develop their solutions before presenting their projects to a panel of judges. The winning team will receive recognition from Google, as well as opportunities for professional development and networking.

Join us for this exciting event and make a difference in the world with your technical skills!


  • Sumant Jadhav

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