Web Development Bootcamp- Session 2

About this event

Grab your chance and take part in the incredible Web Development Bootcamp offered by GDSC VJIT.

This is a project driven event where the attendees will get a chance to learn web development hands-on while developing a project.

In this bootcamp you'll learn:

- How to build , create and maintain websites.

We will discuss:

- What web development is

- How the internet works

- Sub-paradigms in web development such as backend and frontend technology stacks as well

- Web development prerequisites

- What to expect in the industry.

What you'll be gaining from attending the bootcamp:

- A hands-on learning approach to Web development.

- Developing a project that you can add to their resumes.

- Participation certificate* will be given to attendees that attend all the sessions.

(Please note that certificates will only be given on attending all four sessions and finishing given tasks.)

Dates of the event: 7th to 10th November, 2022