MYON - Make Your Own NFT

Presenting MYON (Make Your Own NFT) the first ever NFT based Competition by GDSC VIT Chennai in collaboration with CryptoCapable! Tokenise your creativity as full fledged NFT Startups. The winning projects will bag the prize pool worth over 20,000 rupees.

About this event

MYON (Make your own NFT) by GDSC VITCC and CryptoCapable is a start-up style NFT design competition, where for the first time, you can blend your creativity with a business plan and roadmap and stand a chance to win over 20,000 Rupees! The 4-day-long event is inaugurated with a workshop where you will learn about NFTs, NFT projects, their roadmaps, growth potential, and so much more. So no matter if you are just a newbie to this world or simply want to showcase the extent of your creative grey cells, any and everyone is welcome!

MYON is looking forward to great ideas in the following themes:


Historical Art

✅ Fictional Art

✅ NFT Gaming

✅ Trading Cards

✅ Unique Ideas are welcome

The Projects will be judged upon the following criteria (In no particular order):

⚫ Creativity

⚫ Relevance to the themes

⚫ Convertibility of idea into a full-fledged NFT Project

⚫ Generative art potential

The prize money for the winners is as follows:

1st Prize: ₹ 10,000

2nd Prize: ₹ 7,000

3rd Prize: ₹ 3,500

The first prize winner will also be given guidance and support to convert this idea into a full fledged project.

Workshop Details:

Date 🗓️: 13th April

Time 🕐 : 7:00 PM onwards

Project Submission deadline: 17th April 11:59 PM