DSC Afterhours - Hackathons and Over Night Events

Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT) - Vellore
Sun, Oct 11, 2020, 10:00 PM (IST)

About this event

Hackathons are a place where ideas turn into realities for developers. Many devs from all fields of development agree that a hackathon was the first step to something big and life-changing in their lives.

Hackathons are also a place for developers to come out of their comfort zones in order to learn, network and interact with other people. A lot of modern day startups and major companies were born from a band of innovators coming together and creating something new in a hackathon!

In the very spirit of fostering developer communities, the DSC VIT team has conducted multiple hackathons over the past few years and has participated in plenty more. Our last hack, WomenTechies 2020, left our participants with a fulfilling new experience that they were excited to share with their peers as well sparked their flame to develop and contribute more to the world around them.

In this episode of DSC Afterhours, we have guests from Developer Student Clubs LPU, to share hackathon stories and together we will discuss projects that we have made during caffeine-fuelled nights.

Each hackathon is undeniably unique and every participant has their own story to tell by the end of it. In this episode of DSC Afterhours, we have the Developer Student Clubs VIT team along with guests from DSC LPU, to share their hackathon stories and discuss the projects that they spent their caffeine-fuelled nights working on.

We have participated in a lot of hackathons. To know more about them, visit https://medium.com/gdg-vit/hackathons-of-2018-a-year-in-a-recap-5d138fe95f51

You can read more about our flagship hackathon, DevJams here: https://medium.com/gdg-vit/devjams-not-just-another-college-hack-ae2974ceb72e