Get Set GSoC!

Info session about Google Summer of Code 2023 with GSoC Alumni.

About this event

Hello techies!

It's the time of the year when the developer activities are at their peak and everyone talks about GSoC - a global, 12+ week online mentoring program that gives the participants a chance to contribute to the world of open-source parallel to a hefty stipend. 

GDSC VIT-AP is here to add to it by announcing GSoC Training Camp. With an aim to increase the number of students that try for GSoC 2023, we announce the very first session under the GSoC Training Camp, where the attendees would be given a step-by-step guide on how to proceed into the alluring world of Open Source. 

Participating in GSoC can often be a headache for rookies: the process seems so confusing for the first time. To help students learn about GSoC, we bring to you the "Get Set GSoC!" session which is aimed to provide you a headstart in the world of open-source and will surely give you an edge over other candidates aiming for GSoC '23.

In this session, our speakers Harsh Bardhan Mishra from GSOC'21, SDE (Intern) at HackerRank, and former GDSC Community Lead, and Rajan Jaiswal, from GSoC '21 & 22 (Mentor), Upcoming Software Engineer at Uber and former SDE Intern at Visa will provide you with complete information regarding the program and clarify all your doubts about it.

Event Agenda:

📌 Open Source

📌 Roadmap to GSOC

📌 Ideal Project

📌 How to find organizations and start contributing?

📌 How to draft a proposal?

📌 Other Open Source Programs like MLH Fellowship, Outreachy, Github Externship, LFX, and more!

🗓 - 21/11/2022, Monday

🕐 - 06:00 PM IST