Vellore Institute of Technology, AP Campus
Sun, Nov 29, 2020, 6:00 PM (IST)

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About this event

We are excited to announce that we’ll soon be kicking off Android Study Jams. This is an event series for people who are interested in developing Android apps with the support of a study group. We know it could be quite intimidating to start off a new language without guidance. Whether you are new to programming or an expert, we have exciting tasks curated for everyone. Details about the tracks are as under:

New to Programming Track : If you are totally new to Android development with Kotlin then this track is just for you.

Prior Programming Experience Track : If you are well aware of the fundamentals, then you are good to go with this track.

Starting on 29th November, you will be attending multiple insightful sessions throughout the month and complete various exciting tasks to earn super cool badges. Don’t miss out on this as we will be working through a curriculum that is offered by Google on Android development. You’ll be learning the basics of programming and how to apply those skills in building basic Android apps using Kotlin programming language. By the end, you will have a collection of apps that you can customize as you desire.

To get started, an introductory session will be conducted by Athresh Kiran  who will help you get acquainted with Android development using Kotlin as well as give insights about how the study jams are going to function for the next one month.