Expert Talk Session on MLH Fellowship.

Expert talk Session by Abhishek Kumar where he will share his ways of getting MLH Fellowship.

Sep 9, 2021, 1:30 โ€“ 3:00 PM



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Career Development

About this event

Hello Everyone,

The MLH Fellowship is a remote internship alternative for aspiring technologists. You will spend 12 weeks building your skills by collaborating on real-world projects.

MLH fellowship Application is out and the last date to apply for it is the 13th of September and Hence GDSC VJTI has collaborated with 4 more GDSC's to bring back an amazing Session for you about MLH Fellowship.

It's a wonderful session that will be delivered to you by Abhishek Kumar who is currently pursuing his BTech focused in Computer Science and Engineering from Maharaja Agrasen Institute Of Technology. He is an MLH fellow of 2021, GSoC Mentor, LFX Mentee OpenEBS. He will share his experiences, how he got selected for the MLH fellowship and will clear all your doubts about MLH. 

GDSC VJTI brings to you this opportunity to learn about the process and ways to increase your chances of getting selected!


๐Ÿ“9th September: 7 pm onwards.



Thursday, September 9, 2021
1:30 PM โ€“ 3:00 PM UTC


1:30 PMLearning how to apply for MLH Fellowship.


  • Abhishek Kumar


  • Amir Zakaria

    GDSC Lead

  • Aditya Chakraborty

    Competitive Coding Lead

  • Nishith Savla

    Cloud Computing Lead

  • Lekha Khobrekar

    Cloud Computing Lead

  • Aryaman Purav

    Cybersecurity Lead

  • Aryaan Pandhare


    Cybersecurity Lead

  • Aishwarya Ravi

    Blockchain Lead

  • Subodh Dalvi

    Blockchain Lead

  • Arsh Khan

    AI ML Lead

  • Nidhi Shah

    AI ML Lead

  • Atharva Kumtakar

    App Development Lead

  • Nirmalkumar Nikam

    Web Development Lead

  • Abhishek Dubey

    Web Development Lead

  • Mrudul Joshi

    Design Lead

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