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Hey there!

Do you want to learn the technology that powers billions of devices?

Do you want to know what goes on at the backend of all those complex apps?

GDSC VJTI, GDSC MIET, GDSC UMIT, and GDSC VIT-M, bring to you our first ever collab - β€œThe Android meet-up” .

Join us for a fun-packed session with our panelists Ravi Maurya, Pankaj Khushalani, Shruti Gawali, Prasad Thakare, and Azeez Dandawala.

Listen to their own journey and experience as an android developer and start your own journey in the android domain along with us after getting inspired by them.

Event Date: 30th November, Tuesday.

Event Time: 6 PM

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Tuesday, Nov 30
6:00 PM - 8:30 PM (IST)