Web Development Track

About this event

What do we offer?

- Properly compiled resources, exercises and project ideas that will help you become a competent web developer.

- Prompt and accurate doubt solving by DSC members who have made multiple projects in this domain.

- Suggestions and improvements as you go along the learning path.

- Weekly sessions for live coding demos and/or doubt-solving.

- Further guidance to go beyond what is offered in the track.

What do we ask for?

Nothing! Anyone and everyone is free to enter, irrespective of branch or year!

Some of the topics to be covered:


- Basic and Advanced CSS

- Basic Web Design Fundamentals and associated resources

- Basic and Advanced JS

Yes we know FYs will be busy with academics, hence we have spread out the track quite a bit and made sure that following both will not be stressful. We can guarantee one thing, following this track diligently will give you a huge headstart to being an awesome Web Developer!