Hands-on-session On Git and Github

Here we evoke you again! GDSC VSSUT and GDSC CVRGU have come together with "Repertoire of Contributions: Hacktober Fest 2021", where you can contribute to open source projects, thus enhancing your skills as well as giving you a chance to win exciting rewards. We bring you a live Hands-on-sessions on Git and GitHub where you can learn its basics and how to contribute.

About this event

“Repertoire of Contributions: Hacktober Fest 2021”, an event to commemorate the month long Hactoberfest event brought to you by Digital ocean is organized by GDSC VSSUT and GDSC CVRGU to encourage budding techies for open source contributions and development, thus bringing an illustrious rostrum where you can learn how to actually contribute to such projects.

We are back with our second stretch where you will have live Hands-on-session on Git and Github, through which one can play a part by contributing to open source projects. 

Do join us with this session!

If you haven't yet started contributing for Hacktoberfest 2021, There's still time.

Start contributing to our project, read the documentation, make it socially applicable, submit PRs and win exciting Hacktoberfest goodies.

Here's the link to GDSC-VSSUT repo-

CEM Frontend - https://github.com/Developer-Student-Clubs-VSSUT-Burla/CEM-frontend

CEM Backend - https://github.com/Developer-Student-Clubs-VSSUT-Burla/CEM-backend

Join our discord server for updates and discussions on the projects

Server link - https://discord.gg/whFTXghqdV

Get set go!! Happy Hacking!!

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