Compose Camp - Day 2

Community organized events focused around how to build Android apps using Jetpack Compose, where attendees get hands-on coding experience with Jetpack Compose.

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About this event

Start your journey to becoming an Android developer by joining us for Compose Camp !

After conducting the info session for Compose Camp 2022,

GDSC VSSUT brings forth Day-2 session i.e setting up the Tent in Jetpack Compose, highlighting everything you need to start with Compose Camp, to guide the participants with proper demonstration of code snippets and a walkthrough covering the first few units.

Through the second session, we will

✅ Rows, columns and basic sizing.

✅ Modifiers.

✅ Image card.

✅ State.

✅Text fields, buttons, showing Snackbars


Join us at our event sharp at 7:00 pm on Sep 16,2022.

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