bit by bit- An endeavour for future

bit by bit- An endeavor for Future is an online coding contest to test the problem-solving abilities of an individual and a platform for coding freaks!

About this event

Google Developer Student Clubs at VSSUT Burla in collaboration with HackerEarth Hub VSSUT and Enigma- The official Web and Coding club at VSSUT brings to you bit by bit- An Endeavour for the future.

bit by bit is an online coding contest on HackerEarth Platform that consists of 2 sections:

1. Aptitude and Computer Fundamentals

2. Coding round

The contest aims to test the problem-solving skills of an individual.

If you are someone good at problem-solving and love to code, Then this event is for you!!

RSVP, participate, learn and earn certificates.

Start sharp at 6:30pm on June 13.