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About this event

First-ever in VSSUT, DSC’s Info Session, organized by the DSC-VSSUT core committee members.

What is DSC? What does DSC do? What are the activities of DSC? How do we get into it – all such questions – Here we are!

Join us live, in the ‘Info Session’ – DSC VSSUT on this Sunday, 27th of September at 7:30 pm, to know all about DSC, its activities, talk on tech communities, how it might help you work on problems in the tech field, code labs, study jams, hand-on workshops for students and much more.

Overview talks on emerging technologies in an engaging session and gets to know your DSC’s core committee members.

Our Agenda:

‣ What are Developer Student Clubs?

‣ Our Domains

‣ DSC VSSUT Timeline

‣ Queries/Connect with us

❥Be sure to attend!

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