Diving Into Android - Session 2

About this event


By the end of this session, you'll learn how to create a fully functional app and to publish in playstore.


1. Install android studio beforehand. Click here for instructions on how to.

2. Go through the New to Programming sessions to jog your memory

Link to first session recording- https://youtu.be/vdYDhp4_uQc

Link to second session recording- https://youtu.be/RAc2CbyN1Jg

3. Go through Kotlin Koans to learn the Kotlin vocabulary- https://play.kotlinlang.org/koans/overview (Just go through Introduction, Convention and Collections)


In this track, it is assumed that the attendees have prior knowledge of programming, or at least what is required to get started with Android development. If you are unsure, go through our previous sessions of New to Programming Android Study Jam given above. We have already completed a session in this track, so if you have missed it, you can go through it in the link given above. The knowledge of all the prior sessions would be necessary here to understand this session. In this session, we will be covering

- Navigation between different screens

- Activity and Fragment life-cycles.

- Architecture Components.

- Databases And Recycler View

- Connect to the Internet

After the session you are expected to complete this track. Link to codelabs here https://developer.android.com/courses/kotlin-fundamentals/course


For every module of the track you complete, you will be getting a virtual badge on your profile. On completion of the whole track, you will be provided with a digital certificate. You can show both of these in your resume! We are also throwing in stickers which we will be shipping to you on completion of all the tracks! If you make a decent app, you will have the opportunity to publish it on playstore for free, with all due credits.