Intro to Kotlin: Compose Camp Day-1

This event is focused on "Basics of Kotlin, How to Install Android Studio and Building a simple App with the help Kotlin and Jetpack Compose". You will get hands on learning experience on how to develop apps with Kotlin and design using Google's latest toolset - Jetpack Compose.

About this event

Hello Folks,

We are super excited to bring you the second event of GDSC VBSPU which is "Kotlin and Jetpack Compose Camp"

This is a 4-day event on the basics of Kotlin and Jetpack Compose and is exclusive for all members of GDSC VBSPU who want to get started with their Android App development journey.

Pack your bags🎒 , fill in with lots of energy and get ready for the first day of Camp ⛺

Day 1 Session Basics of Kotlin and Jetpack Compose Camp:

Date - Sep 25, 2022

Time - 7;00pm - 8:30pm

Where - Online on Google meet