Explore ML- Introduction

Vasavi College of Engineering - Hyderabad
Fri, Oct 2, 2020, 5:00 PM (IST)

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About this event

Throughout the Session we will dive deep  through the concepts of Machine Learning  keeping in mind that the  attendees have zero knowledge on Machine Learning. First we will be starting off by understanding  the real life examples . We will deal with the differences between AI ML DL . We will give a brief introduction on types of ML and methods of ML. We will be giving the brief introduction about Regression  and having hands-on session with our first model i.e Simple Linear Regression using Google Colab .





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  • Snigdha Teja Mittapally

    Snigdha Teja Mittapally

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  • sahil vemuri

    sahil vemuri

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  • Surya Tejaswi

    Surya Tejaswi

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  • Aashrith Sagar Ramachandrula

    Aashrith Sagar Ramachandrula

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  • Guru Sai Shreesh Tirumalla

    Guru Sai Shreesh Tirumalla

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    Ajay Kumar Thallada

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