Introduction to Neural Networks and Hands-on Session

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The event "Introduction to Neural Networks and Hands-on Session" is a student-led workshop designed to provide participants with a foundational understanding of neural networks and their applications. The event includes a speaker session led by student experts who will provide insights on building and training neural networks. Participants will also have the opportunity to engage in hands-on exercises that will allow them to build and train their own neural networks using popular programming languages and tools.

The workshop will cover the basics of neural networks, including their structure, function, and applications in various industries such as healthcare, finance, and marketing. Participants will gain practical knowledge on building and training neural networks using programming languages such as Python and tools such as TensorFlow.

The event is suitable for individuals who are interested in machine learning, data science, and artificial intelligence, regardless of their level of expertise. By the end of the event, participants will have a better understanding of the fundamentals of neural networks and will be equipped with the skills necessary to build and train their own neural networks. This student-led event provides a unique opportunity for participants to learn from and interact with their peers who are passionate about the field of neural networks.






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  • Snigdha Teja Mittapally

    Snigdha Teja Mittapally

    Core Lead-Web Development

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  • sahil vemuri

    sahil vemuri

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  • Surya Tejaswi

    Surya Tejaswi

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  • Aashrith Sagar Ramachandrula

    Aashrith Sagar Ramachandrula

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  • Guru Sai Shreesh Tirumalla

    Guru Sai Shreesh Tirumalla

    Vasavi college of Engineering

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  • Ajay Kumar Thallada

    Ajay Kumar Thallada

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    Prerna Patnaik

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