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Join us for Webathon 2.0, brought to you by ACM X GDSC! Mark your calendars: Registration closes on February 27th. In Round 1, craft a PowerPoint pitch based on the provided problem statement, set for March 2nd. Successful pitches proceed to Round 2 on March 22nd and 23rd, where you'll tackle a new challenge with your prototype. Don't miss this chance to showcase your skills and creativity!

Mar 22, 4:30 AM – Mar 23, 10:30 AM



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About this event

The digital landscape is evolving at a rapid pace, and at the forefront of this evolution are the creative minds shaping the web. To celebrate and nurture this creativity, we proudly present Webathon 2.0, an exhilarating event where students from across the globe come together to showcase their innovative prowess in the digital realm.

Organized by ACM in collaboration with Google Developer Student Clubs (GDSC), Webathon 2.0 promises to be an immersive experience, offering participants a platform to unleash their potential, collaborate with like-minded peers, and make their mark in the world of web development.

Why Webathon 2.0?

In today's digital age, web development skills are more valuable than ever. From designing engaging user interfaces to building robust backend systems, web developers play a pivotal role in shaping the online experiences of millions. Webathon 2.0 provides an opportunity for students to hone their skills, explore new technologies, and gain hands-on experience in real-world problem-solving.

Event Structure:

Webathon 2.0 is divided into two exciting rounds, each designed to challenge participants and push their boundaries:

Round 1: Idea Pitching (March 2nd)

In the first round, participants will receive a problem statement on February 29th, setting the stage for an exhilarating journey of ideation and innovation. Armed with this problem statement, participants will be tasked with crafting a compelling PowerPoint presentation outlining their solution approach. This presentation will serve as their pitch to a panel of esteemed judges, who will evaluate each idea based on its creativity, feasibility, and potential impact. Successful pitches will advance to the next round, while others will receive valuable feedback to refine their ideas.

Round 2: Prototype Development (March 22nd-23rd)

The second round of Webathon 2.0 is where the magic happens. On the event day, participants will be presented with a new problem statement, setting the stage for an intense 48-hour coding marathon. Armed with their chosen technologies and fueled by their passion for innovation, participants will collaborate in teams to bring their ideas to life. Whether it's building a sleek web application, designing an intuitive user interface, or implementing complex backend logic, participants will have the freedom to showcase their technical skills and creativity. At the end of the event, teams will present their prototypes to the jury, who will evaluate them based on criteria such as functionality, usability, and technical prowess.

Why Participate?

Webathon 2.0 offers a plethora of benefits for participants:

Skill Development: Sharpen your web development skills and gain hands-on experience with cutting-edge technologies.

Networking: Connect with industry experts, fellow students, and potential collaborators from around the world.

Recognition: Showcase your talent and creativity to a global audience and receive recognition for your efforts.

Prizes: Compete for exciting prizes and accolades, including cash rewards and more.

Learning Experience: Learn from experienced mentors, receive valuable feedback on your work, and grow as a developer.

Who Can Participate?

Webathon 2.0 is open to students from all backgrounds and skill levels. Whether you're a seasoned web developer or a novice coder, there's a place for you in this event. We welcome participants from diverse fields such as computer science, engineering, design, and business, as diversity fosters creativity and innovation.

How to Register:

Registration for Webathon 2.0 is simple and straightforward. Fill out the registration form before the deadline on February 27th, 2024. Be sure to provide accurate information and indicate whether you'll be participating individually or as part of a team. Once registered, you'll receive further instructions and updates via email, so be sure to keep an eye on your inbox.

Join Us:

Don't miss this opportunity to be a part of something truly special. Join us for Webathon 2.0 and embark on a journey of discovery, creativity, and innovation. Together, let's push the boundaries of what's possible and create a brighter future for the web.


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