Machine Learning Week With Speakers and Instructors

About this event

Finally, the wait is over! 🤩

DSC, USICT is proud to announce its very first event - Machine Learning week - a 7-day power packed deep learning workshop. ✨

With various speakers lined up, get ready to dive deeper into neural networks, and get that grey cells working! 

🕔  When20 September to 26 September 2020

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📃 Agenda : 

Day 1 - Mr. Umang Chauhan, SDE at Uniqlo || Content creator at Get Saged (Youtuber), talks about career opportunities in the ML field.

Day 2 - Karan Malik gives us an introduction to Machine Learning and Deep Learning.

Day 3 - Karan Malik talks more about Neural networks, CNN layers, image processing, and facial detection in python using OpenCV.

Day 4 - A real-time face mask detection project under the guidance of Karan Malik

Day 5 - Vaibhavi Malik gives us a jumpstart into Mathematical equation solver using CNN.

Day 6 - Vaibhavi Malik and Ragini Bhayana deep dive into Mathematical equation solver using CNN, and spam message detection using NLP.

Day 7 - Mr. Anurag Aggarwal gives us insight into Open source machine learning projects.

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We hope you all join us in this one-week machine learning journey! 🤩



September 20 - 26
6:00 PM (IST)