The Snap: An Online CTF;

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About this event

The Snap

Is an online CTF (Capture The Flag) that is established on Marvel's theme. Herein you would have to solve multiple questions to clear the elimination round and acquire the Infinity Gauntlet which would be used to gather all the Infinity Stones in the final round by solving yet another set of questions.

Snap at the end to vanish fellow participants and emerge victoriously.

CTF or Capture the Flag

refers to competitions that enhance your problem-solving skills. The competitions include a set of challenges, different in the level of difficulty, and each of them requires the participant to perform various techniques in order to solve them.

The event would test the knowledge of the participants in different domains such as Cyber Security, Web Development, APIs, and other latest technologies.

The event is in collaboration with Winter of Code 2.0, organized by GDSC IIIT-Kalyani and 30+ GDSCs. Make sure to check out

Follow the following instructions to participate in the event.

  • Fill in the form to participate in the event
  • Join the GDSC-USICT discord server. Link: 
  • Introduce yourself as "<Name> TheSnap Participant <TeamName>" in the general channel, and we will provide you with the appropriate roles.
  • Carefully read the rules in the Rules channel of the server.
  • All the best for the event! We hope you will have fun.


First Prize

1200 INR/- Discount Coupon from GFG, Postman Swag kit to each member.

Second Prize

800 INR/- Discount Coupon from GFG, Newton School Swag kit to each member.

Third Prize

500 INR/- Discount Coupon from GFG, Newton School Swag kit to each member.

For all participants:

300 INR/- Discount Coupon from GFG, OReilly 30 days trial


December 11 - 12
11:00 AM (IST)