GDSC Hmmm!? 🤔 : What is it and why YOU should join it?

University School of Information , Communication & Technology - Delhi, India

Join us and begin an exciting and informative journey to Learn, Connect and Grow. GDSC USICT is organizing an “INFO SESSION”. The tech-team leads will inform attendees about the benefits of joining GDSC. They will give students a broad idea about the latest and most used technologies and how they will help the students to solve real-life problems and to grow themselves.

Aug 29, 2021, 7:30 – 8:30 AM

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About this event

GDSC USICT is organizing an “INFO SESSION”. In this event Leads of all the teams will introduce themselves to all the students and will inform them about the benefits of joining GDSC. Leads will give students a broad idea about the technologies they would be working on and how it will help the students to solve real-life problems of society and to grow themselves.

"Learn open-source to open sources of success" ~ Ankur Saini

- Learn enough git to become dangerous

- Discover all the hidden secrets of GitHub

- The best way to showcase your talent

- Work on real-life projects through WoC and GSoC

"Improve your problem-solving skills with Competitive programming" ~ Dhruv Pasricha

- Take your problem-solving skills to the next level

- Master Data Structures and Algorithms in the most fun way

- Crack coding tests and Interviews

- Learn more about Google CodeJam, Hashcode, and Kickstart.

"Shape the future with arguably the most revolutionary technology - AI/ML" ~ Esshaan Mahajan

- Learn about the math and algorithms behind the hottest topic in the tech industry

- Learn through hands-on projects and compete in various competitions. Also, get familiar with google TensorFlow/collab, etc.

- Know AI's practical applications and their true reach

- Understand its job prospects and future pathway.

"Make the sites that make the change" ~ Parv Sharma

- Guidance in !imp (Internship, Money, Placement)

- Learn the latest tech with super high industry demand

- Get started with Freelancing

- Solve real-life problem solving with awesome live projects

- Build progressive web apps

- Ace hackathons

“Write better Android apps faster with Kotlin. A modern mobile app programming language.” ~ Pulkit Asri

- Learn more about Android Studio

- Get a hands-on experience with Kotlin

- Get a brief overview of Why Kotlin is better than Java?

- Learn about Google Android Study Jams

- Learn about modern toolkits like Jetpack Compose 1.0 which simplifies the native UI development

“Become the FLASH of Development with Flutter” ~ Rahul Gandhi

- Build cross-platform applications from a single codebase

- High demand in the industry

- Large and awesome community

- Rapid building and organized documentation

"Exploring the Cloud" ~ Himesh Nayak

- Explore the world of Cloud Computing with GCP

- Learn and Earn swags and certifications through Google Cloud

- Discover an infrastructure to build, test and deploy applications

The students will get to know about the various teams of GDSC USICT in this event. In this Event, the Leads of all the teams will introduce their team to the students and also tell them about the technology they will be working on. Students will also get to know the benefits and future importance of learning these technologies. A broad Idea of the events that will be conducted in GDSC USICT will also be discussed in this event.


  • Nishant Ola

    GDSC Lead

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