Google Cloud Induction Session

Let's begin with our cloud campaign. Get to know about how to use the platform.

Oct 4, 2023, 3:30 – 4:30 PM



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Google Cloud

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Access the Platform: Begin by accessing the Google Cloud Skillboast platform, which could be a website, an online learning portal, or a dedicated platform provided by Google.

Explore Resources: Within the platform, you'll find a variety of resources. These might include tutorials, documentation, video courses, hands-on labs, and other educational materials that cover various aspects of Google Cloud services.

Learn: Take advantage of these resources to learn about Google Cloud. Start with the basics and gradually move to more advanced topics, depending on your current knowledge level and goals.

Practice: Hands-on experience is crucial. Many platforms offer sandbox environments or labs where you can practice using Google Cloud services in a safe and controlled environment.

Certify: Google Cloud offers certifications that validate your skills and expertise. If certification is one of your goals, you can prepare for and take certification exams through the platform.

Connect and Collaborate: Many platforms include community features, forums, or ways to connect with other learners and experts. Collaborating and seeking advice from others can be valuable in your learning journey.

Track Progress: Keep track of your progress, achievements, and areas where you might need further improvement. Most platforms provide tools for monitoring your learning journey.

Stay Updated: Cloud technologies evolve rapidly. It's essential to stay updated with the latest developments and new features within Google Cloud.


  • Taniska Jha

    GDSC Lead

  • Chaitanya Rai .

    Technical Lead

  • Shubh Sardana

    Flutter Lead

  • Aditya Singh IPU

    Web Dev Lead

  • Ayush Gupta IPU

    Open Source Lead

  • Anish Samanta

    DSA Lead

  • Harsh Rajput

    Android Lead

  • Anubhav Goyal

    AI&ML Lead

  • Aman Sharma IPU

    Cloud Lead

  • Ashmeet Kaur

    UI/UX Lead

  • Vansh Goel


    PR Lead

  • Vivek Gawar

    Social Media Lead

  • Aryan Kumar

    Management Lead

  • Nyasa Vats

    Content Lead

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