New Space: the new paradigm in space exploration

University of Valladolid - Valladolid, Spain

What is New Space? What are the most important features? Which opportunities does it bring to Europeans? How do ESA and European startups work?

May 24, 2023, 5:30 – 6:30 PM

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The language of the talk will be English.

The last decade has brought a paradigm shift in the space industry. What was once a field where only large agencies could move, is now a field open to an endless number of companies, institutions and projects.

An environment that allows new generations of engineers and scientists to contribute to progress in the sector and develop space technology and industry at high speed.

In particular, Europe has a strong environment of companies and agencies making a huge effort to involve the new generations in this new wave of progress. This communication will present the most important aspects of New Space as well as present the great opportunities that are opening up in the sector for young professionals who want to write their future in the stars.

About the speaker:

Jorge Galvan Lobo is an industrial and aerospace engineer from Valladolid, Spain. Jorge holds a degree in industrial engineering in industrial technologies from the University of Valladolid.

Shortly after, he studied a Master in Aerospace Engineering at ISAE Supaero University in Toulouse, France. There he specialized in Space Systems. Due to his great interest in space medicine and life support systems, he led, during his Master, three projects belonging to ESA and CNES programs. One of them operated on the ISS in December 2022. The other two are still under development.

Jorge is currently working as a Research Engineer at ALTEN Toulouse and collaborates regularly with companies such as Spring Institute for Forests in the Moon, belonging to the Space Biotechnology sector.


  • Jorge Galván

    ALTEN Toulouse

    Project Engineer


  • Pablo Marcos

    Universidad de Valladolid


  • Sergio Velasco

    GDSC Lead

  • Juan HC

    PR Lead

  • Victor Elvira

    Head of HR

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