Google Cloud Study Jam - Learn the Google Cloud Essentials

University of Toronto - St. George Campus
Tue, Oct 13, 2020, 6:00 PM (EDT)

About this event

Come out and learn to become a Google Cloud Developer! 

Learn the Google Cloud Platform Essentials and after completion you get a FREE badge! 

This is a FREE introductory workshop that all majors and years at the University of Toronto can attend! No prior developer experience is required to be a part! 

After the Study Jam, you’ll receive 30-days free access to the entire Qwiklabs catalog, so you can keep developing your skills at home. Complete all of the labs in the session’s quest, and you’ll earn an additional free month of access to Qwiklabs as well as a badge for your online profile.

The agenda is as follows:

  • Welcome + Introduction
  • What is the Google Cloud Platform (GCP)
  • Overview of Google Cloud Essentials Quest
  • Getting Started with Qwiklabs
  • QnA + Contact Info

Participants will work towards their Cloud Architecture Badge in Qwiklabs. If you successfully complete a quest, your free Qwiklabs access will get extended for 30 days!


  • Basic programming language experience could help, but not required.
  • You can use either Windows, mac-OS, or Linux.
  • The labs will run on all of the latest versions of popular browsers. For the best experience, make sure your laptop has Firefox or Chrome installed.

Note: During this workshop you'll be required to open multiple tabs to follow along. We recommend using a desktop or laptop while tuning in to get the most out of of this experience!

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Tuesday, Oct 13
6:00 PM - 7:00 PM (EDT)