GDSC Kya hai? : Delving Deeper into Google Developer Student Clubs

Join us for "GDSC Kya hai?," an informative session where you'll discover the exciting world of Google Developer Student Clubs (GDSC). Get insights, ask questions, and learn how GDSC can supercharge your journey into the tech industry!

Oct 11, 2023, 3:00 – 3:45 PM



Key Themes

AR / VRAndroidCareer DevelopmentFirebaseFlutterGoogle I/O ExtendedMachine Learning

About this event

Are you curious about Google Developer Student Clubs (GDSC) and what they have to offer? Look no further than our upcoming event, "GDSC Kya Hai?" In this enlightening session, we will peel back the layers of GDSC to reveal the incredible opportunities and resources they provide to students interested in technology and development.

During the event, you'll have the chance to explore the GDSC ecosystem, gaining insights into the projects, workshops, and community engagement initiatives that GDSCs worldwide are involved in. Our experienced speakers will share their firsthand experiences and success stories within the GDSC community, shedding light on how it can be a catalyst for your growth and career aspirations.

Bring your questions and enthusiasm, as we'll have a dedicated Q&A session to address any doubts or inquiries you may have. Whether you're a tech enthusiast, a budding developer, or simply curious about what GDSC is all about, "GDSC Kya Hai?" promises to be an eye-opening experience that can set you on an exciting path in the world of technology and innovation. Don't miss out on this opportunity to kickstart your journey into the tech industry with GDSC!


  • Muhammad Manan


    GDSC Lead

  • Abdullah Asif

    Co Lead

  • Shoaib Saleem

    Faculty Advisor

  • Shanzay Nadeem

    HR Lead

  • Ahmad Saeed

    Documentation Lead

  • Hannan Hassnain

    Public Relations Lead

  • Muhammad Asif GDSC

    RTC league

    Logistics Lead

  • Muhammad Hassan

    Event Managment Lead

  • Muhammad Khurram Rao

    Design Lead

  • Muhammad Hussnain Shahid DSC

    Associate Design Lead

  • Sami Arif


    Photography Lead

  • Ali Asad

    Marketing Lead

  • Abdulahad Saghir

    Technical Lead

  • Malik Hamza DSC

    Associate Logistics Lead

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