Ultimate UI Frontend Developer Series

University of South Africa
Sep 22 - Oct 29, 2020, 1:42 PM (SAST)

About this event

The Ultimate UI Frontend Developer Series is a collaboration of 20 co-host student developers from 10 African countries from the Google DSC chapters. 

This is a peer-to-peer learning experience for first-time students to enter the world of web development and become a frontend UI beast.

This is a 5-week live code-along session featuring various DSC co-host with Koketso Motseothata (DSC lead University of South Africa). 

Technologies taught:

•HTML 5 (Hyper Text-Markup Language)

•CSS 3 (Cascade Style Sheet)



Real-world projects to be built:

•Facebook clone

•Twitter clone

•Google clone

•WhatsApp clone

•Chat App clone

•Apple Store clone

•Microsoft clone

•Instagram clone

•Uber Eats clone

•YouTube clone

•Netflix clone

•Amazon clone

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Sep 22 - Oct 29
1:42 PM (SAST)