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GDSC: Online Starter Pack is a two-day, November 5 and 6, 2021 (Friday and Saturday), online webinar and workshop intended for students who are having a hard time in using Google Products that are considered as necessities for online learning. This event will help you students learn how to properly use the features the Google Products contain for the flexible learning program and online classes.

The main objective is to teach students how Google Products work, namely Google Calendar, Drive, Mail, Forms, Classroom, Docs, Sheets and Slides; To be able to lessen the technical difficulties of students and help navigate and learn more about the platforms used for online class.

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  • Yul Jhon Jaranilla

    Yul Jhon Jaranilla

    Google Developer Student Clubs USTP

    GDSC Lead, Chief Executive Officer

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  • Alyssa Vallejos

    Alyssa Vallejos



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  • Earl Benedict Dumaraog

    Earl Benedict Dumaraog

    Chief Technology Officer

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  • Jomarie Oblig

    Jomarie Oblig

    Chief Communications Officer

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  • Aisha Urbano

    Aisha Urbano

    Chief Operations Officer

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  • Khiana Torres

    Khiana Torres

    Chief Community Development Officer

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