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Expo Tutorial is a virtual webinar, tutorial, and workshop hosted by GDSC USTP during FAESO’s SINAAD. Expo-Tutorial will focus on technology related topics, the Internet of Things and Website Development. These topics are considered relevant and important considering the state of our society and world right now. Which is why the GDSC USTP, being an organization whose goals and objectives is to provide technological related solutions to the community, have decided to organize Expo-Tutorial to provide new learning opportunities to the FAESO members and USTP Students.

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February 24 - 25
3:00 PM (PST)


  • Yul Jhon Jaranilla

    Yul Jhon Jaranilla

    Google Developer Student Clubs USTP

    GDSC Lead, Chief Executive Officer

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  • Alyssa Vallejos

    Alyssa Vallejos



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  • Earl Benedict Dumaraog

    Earl Benedict Dumaraog

    Chief Technology Officer

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  • Jomarie Oblig

    Jomarie Oblig

    Chief Communications Officer

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  • Aisha Urbano

    Aisha Urbano

    Chief Operations Officer

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  • Khiana Torres

    Khiana Torres

    Chief Community Development Officer

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