Solution Design Day

A one-day bootcamp, aimed to give practice in product, visual, and technical design and a place to start their Solution Challenge projects -- all while having fun!

Mar 6, 2021, 5:00 – 9:30 AM



Key Themes

Solution Challenge

About this event

A day of workshops designed for attendees to:

  • Learn and practice product design skills
  • Get started on Solution Challenge projects
  • Have fun!

Three-part bootcamp overview

  1. Design Sprint
    • Learn to identify a user

    • Learn to interview users

    • Learn to collaborate creatively

  2. UX and Product Design
    • Learn Design Principle
    • Learn the UX Design Process
    • Learn to sketch wireframes
  3. Technical Architecture
    • Learn modern tech design

    • Learn how to define constraints
    • Learn to choose appropriate tech


  • Fitzsixto Angelo Singh

    GDSC Lead

  • Samuel Ethan Bonghanoy

    Chief Operations Officer

  • Bryan Sanchez

    Chief Technology Officer

  • Victorienne Tiu

    Chief Communications Officer

  • Mary Chevel Modesto

    Chief Human Relations Officer

  • Joss Chary Borj Ecleo

    Internal Operations Lead

  • Sheena Stella Salde

    GDSC San Carlos

    External Operations Lead

  • Lawrence Tulod

    Creative Design Officer

  • Zach Riane Machacon

    GDSC San Carlos

    Data Science Officer

  • Christian de Jesus

    Web Development Officer

  • Weljohn Catanpatan

    Game Development Officer

  • Jon Pierre Baltazar

    GDSC San Carlos

    Public Relations Officer

  • Estelito Buenavista

    Internal Relations Officer

  • Matthew Cedric Calaycay

    External Operations Officer

  • Vic Edgar Parojinog

    External Operations Officer

  • Shaun Tristan Elizer Cuesta


  • Belle Bridget Lastimosa

    Internal Relations Officer

  • Vincent Michael Villariza

    Public Relations Officer

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