Breaking Into Tech In the AI Era

Join us for an enlightening session with industry experts to explore the skills, opportunities, and strategies needed to break into the tech industry during the AI revolution. Whether you're a student, recent graduate, or professional looking to pivot into tech, this event will provide valuable insights and actionable advice.

Jun 1, 5:30 – 7:30 PM



Key Themes

Career Development

About this event


The rapid advancement of artificial intelligence is transforming industries and creating unprecedented opportunities in the tech sector. Our event, "Breaking Into Tech in the AI Era," hosted by the Google Developer Student Club (GDSC), is designed to help aspiring tech professionals navigate this dynamic landscape. Whether you're a student, recent graduate, or experienced professional considering a career shift, this event offers a comprehensive guide to entering the tech industry in the age of AI.

Event Insights:

Attendees will gain a deep understanding of the current and future state of the tech industry, with a special focus on artificial intelligence. The event will feature insights from leading AI experts and tech professionals who will share their knowledge on the essential skills and educational pathways needed to thrive in tech roles. Expect to learn about the most sought-after skills in AI, data science, software development, and product management.

Participants will also explore the real-world applications of AI across various sectors, including healthcare, finance, and education. Through case studies and interactive discussions, you’ll get a practical view of how AI is being implemented and what it means for future career opportunities.

What to Expect:

Expert Keynotes: Hear from industry leaders about the future of AI and its impact on the tech landscape.

Panel Discussions: Engage with experts as they discuss the skills and opportunities available in the AI-driven tech world.

Networking Opportunities: Connect with peers, professionals, and potential mentors to expand your professional network.

Workshops: Participate in hands-on sessions designed to build your skills in key areas such as coding, data science, and product management.

Breakout Sessions: Delve into specific AI applications in various industries, gaining insights into practical implementations and career pathways.

Who Should Attend:

Students and recent graduates aspiring to enter the tech industry.

Professionals looking to pivot to tech or enhance their skills in AI.

Anyone interested in understanding the impact of AI on various career paths.

Benefits of Attending:

Gain insights from industry leaders and AI experts.

Learn about the essential skills and education needed to succeed in tech.

Network with like-minded individuals and potential mentors.

Participate in hands-on workshops to build practical skills.



  • Emmanuel Amoako

    Machine Learning Engineer

  • Rowland Anafu

    Product Designer


  • Raymond Cudjoe

    GDSC Lead

  • Richard Dayie

    Faculty Advisor

  • Michael Amoah

    GDSC Event Coordinator

  • David Kwaku Dosu

    DC Family Grafix

    GDSC UI/UX Lead

  • Eliezer Tunfu

    Public Relations Lead

  • Harrison Asare

    GDSC Content Writing Lead

  • Rabiatu Muhammad

    Women In Tech Lead

  • Augustine Lartey

    Web Lead

  • Abraham Sackey Ohene Gyan

    Graphic Designer Lead

  • Rosemond Soglohu

    Assistant Women In Tech Lead

  • Duvor Richard Winner

    Content Lead Assist

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