Hello Flutter! - Online

Introduction to Flutter and Dart, a handy and easy to use toolset for all mobile developers!

Mar 7, 2022, 3:00 – 4:00 PM



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On Monday Computer Science Seminars Google mentor Mohamed Elsaeed will present a short introduction to Google technologies Flutter and Dart.

Topics will include everything from explanation of Flutter and Dart and technologies behind them to showing how to get started with learning and coding in them.

Link to the event will be added a day or two before the event starts.


  • Mohamed Elsaeed

    uskudar university

    Software engineer, DSC leader, CEO at fluppy.dev


  • Ivan Cvijetic

    GDSC Lead

  • Nevena Stojnić

    UP Famnit - Adacta

    Google DSC Mentor

  • Đorđe Kremenović

    Technical Advisor

  • Danilo Lazić

    Technical Coordinator

  • Andrej Natev

    Technical Coordinator

  • Nikola Murgovski

    Graphic Designer

  • Elena Zdravkoska

    Graphic Designer

  • Marko Veskovic

    External Relations

  • Elsa Morina

    Event Coordinator

  • Miha Rupar

    Event Coordinator

  • Luka Uršič

    Social Media & PR

  • Natalija Tashkova

    Social Media & PR

  • Zhivko Stoimchev


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