IXE: Internship Experience Europe

University of Paris-Saclay
Sat, Oct 15, 6:00 PM (CEST)

Interns at Google, Meta, Amazon and Microsoft talk about their internship placements, the experience and the process that got them into the world's leading tech companies.

About this event

If you have ever dreamed about joining a big tech company, or if you are still confused about your incoming internship, this event is for you!

Join our speaker Session to hear from past Google, Meta, Amazon and Microsoft interns about their internship experiences and to gain a deeper understanding of your dream company's culture and recruitment process. 

Different profiles will be present to talk about their personal experiences and answer your questions. Tune in to hear more and learn a lot!

📢 To ensure the best quality of moderation and video streaming possible, we are limiting the number of Attendee Tickets to 150. If those run out, you can be added to the waitlist, and we will be rolling extra tickets accordingly. Thank you. 📢



Saturday, Oct 15
6:00 PM - 7:30 PM (CEST)


  • Houssem Mahmoud

    Houssem Mahmoud

    GDSC Paris-Saclay


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  • Jordan Louis

    Jordan Louis

    GDSC University Paris-Saclay

    Marketing & Design Director

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  • Karyna Serheieva

    Karyna Serheieva

    Marketing & Design

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  • Nicolò Sonnino

    Nicolò Sonnino

    Technical Coordinator, Software Department

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  • Andrea Alesani

    Andrea Alesani

    Technical Coordinator, ML/AI Department

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  • Mathilde Lasseigne

    Mathilde Lasseigne

    Treasury and Finance

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  • Remedios Pastor Molines

    Remedios Pastor Molines

    Event Organizer

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