Ride a self driving car! Visit the Office Event - talks by Paul Newman, CTO & Founder of Oxbotica

Oxbotica, 8050 Alec Issigonis Way Oxford Business Park North, Oxford, Oxford, OX4 2HW, UK

Oxbotica is a leader in the autonomous vehicle industry. Our partnership with Oxbotica has given GDSC members the opportunity to participate in a live office visit this coming Friday. Over the visit, you will get to ride on their self-driving cars, get a hands-on look at the day to day life at oxbotica and experience the inner workings of a global leader in autonomous vehicles.

Feb 4, 2022, 9:45 AM – 12:00 PM



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About this event

Founded in 2014 by Oxford professors Paul Newman and Ingmar Posner, Oxbotica has been a fast-growing powerhouse in the autonomous vehicle industry, being the first UK company to test their self-driving vehicles on public roads. Since then, they have ascended into a leader in the industry, collaborating with government and other agencies to promote autonomous vehicles in the UK. Their vision is centred around safety, efficiency and sustainability, hoping to deliver solutions to consumers and businesses throughout the world through a unifying, self-driving vehicle platform.

The event will give GDSC members an overview of the ins and outs of the organisation. The first part will consist of a talk from Professor Paul Newman. He is Founder and CTO of Oxbotica, holds the BP Chair of Information Engineering at the University of Oxford, and he is the director of the Oxford Robotics institute. He is one of the pioneers of autonomous vehicle technology, serving as an advisor for different government agencies. Over the first half of our visit to Oxbotica, Paul Newman will give us an overview of the conception and development of the company, the current projects they are working on and the direction the company is headed in the future. Over the talk, all members will have the opportunity to ask the founder of the company questions and discuss topics related to the Oxbotica, autonomous transports and other technological advancements.

After the talk, the team will be invited to one of Oxbotica’s workshops near the main site. There, members will have the unique opportunity to delve into the research and development happening within Oxbotica’s centre, talk with engineers and researchers at Oxbotica and experience life in this innovative company. Subject to different factors, there might be a chance for GDSC members to see Oxbotica’s technology in action by riding in one of their Autonomous vehicles.

Come join us for this exciting opportunity with a cutting-edge organisation!



Friday, February 4, 2022
9:45 AM – 12:00 PM UTC


  • Ioannis Stamoulis

    GDSC Event Leadership Team

  • Eito Miyamura

    GDSC Oxford Lead


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  • Anda-Raluca Epure


    GDSC Lead

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