Intro to GIT Workshop

University of Ottawa
Tue, Oct 27, 2020, 7:00 PM (EDT)

About this event

By far, the most widely used modern version control system in the world today is Git. Git is a mature, actively maintained open source project originally developed in 2005 by Linus Torvalds, the famous creator of the Linux operating system kernel. A staggering number of software projects rely on Git for version control, including commercial projects as well as open-source. Developers who have worked with Git are well represented in the pool of available software development talent and it works well on a wide range of operating systems and IDEs (Integrated Development Environments).

In this workshop, we will be covering:

- What is Git?
- Who uses Git?
- Branching Basics
- Fork
- GitHub
- GitLab
- So much more...

This workshop will be hosted by Stephanie, an ex-uOttaHack exec and current GitHub employee.