Machine Learning DSCode#4 - Logistic Regression, Cross Vaidation & the Titanic dataset.

Ever wanted to predict if you would’ve survived the Titanic? This week’s workshop, we’ll be answering that question with hands-on work on the titanic data set, as well as introducing logistic regression and cross-validation. Hope that excitement sinks in for you all!

Sep 16, 2020, 7:00 – 8:30 AM



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Machine Learning

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Not only that but as usual we’ll be having our weekly Kahoots during the workshop as well. This time, there are prizes up for grabs such as gift cards or DSC merch, so be sure to join the live session!

See you guys all there!


  • Rakshith Ramprakash

    DSC University of Melbourne

    Core Team

  • Prathyush Prashanth Rao

    DSC University of Melbourne

    Core Team


  • Diana Nguyen

    GDSC Lead

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