Introduction to Kubernetes with Google Developer Expert Daniel King

University of Melbourne
Fri, Oct 9, 2020, 5:00 PM (AEDT)

About this event

Interested in more technology Google has to offer?

We'd like to introduce Kubernetes (k8s) -- an open-source container-orchestration system.

“Let’s say an application environment is your old-school lunchbox. The contents of the lunchbox were all assembled well before putting them into the lunchbox [but] there was no isolation between any of those contents. The Kubernetes system provides a lunchbox that allows for just-in-time expansion of the contents (scaling) and full isolation between every unique item in the lunchbox and the ability to remove any item without affecting any of the other contents (immutability).” -- Mike Kail, CTO and cofounder at CYBRIC.

This Friday on 9th October, 5pm, we're inviting Daniel King to talk about Kubernetes. He's a cloud architect, and was invited to the Google Developer Expert (GDE) program as a Google Cloud Platform specialist!