How to IDEATE: Chronicle 2021

Workshop leading to Chronicle hackathon 2021, How to Ideate will help you build all your ideas and work as team. Join us in learning this very important skill for all your future endeavors!

Apr 7, 2021, 8:00 – 9:30 AM



Key Themes

Career Development

About this event

Want to join our Chronicle Hackathon but don’t know how to start? Have no fear! We invite you to join us at our upcoming workshop; Hackathons 101: How to IDEATE, with Bradley Knight.

Happening on 7th April 2021 at 6pm AEDT!

Our goal on the day is:

- teach you the do's and don'ts of projects and project management

- help you build on your ideas

- leveraging technology to do your work

- teach you team building and social skills that will help you glide smoothly through the 48 hours, making the most of every minute with your team.

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  • Bradley Knight

    Deloitte Platform Engineering



  • Diana Nguyen

    GDSC Lead

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