Info Session

Online, Reduit, Reduit, 76044

The Info Session is an informative and onboarding session useful for new and existing members and aims to highlight the existence and benefits of the GDSC club, and how students can learn, contribute and grow in the powerful Google Developers community.

Oct 1, 2022, 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM



Key Themes

Google Assistant

About this event

In this info session, we aim to inform students about how powerful the GDSC platform is and what the community is about, adding to which are the benefits of being an active member of this community, also benefitting from the platform in all forms. 

The GDSC club is a recognized community all throughout the world and these clubs exist in campuses with the sole aim to make learning Information Technology easy, accessible to all and mainly fun. GDSC is known to organize events such as fireside chats, tech talks with experts, study jams, bootcamps, hands-on skills training, workshops and programming jams from beginner to advanced level. Through the use of these various events, we aim to cover a range of tech topics starting from core programming in AI, Android and Cloud to talks covering Startups and Career Pathways for students. 

All the activities from the GDSC Club are committed to enhance the learning for all students and members, learning is life long process and that is why, we do not doubt the ability of students to access the knowledge but rather the focus remains on delivering that knowledge in the most efficient way possible, GDSC connects students to the best industry experts to fulfil this goal efficiently.


  • Ankshita Maunthrooa

    University of Mauritius

    GDSC Lead

  • Ifihanagbara Olusheye

    Software Engineer

  • Umme Faatimah-Iz-Zaahra Munjore

    University of Mauritius

    Crowdsource Influencer


  • Muhammad Nasweer Ellaheebuksh

    GDSC Lead

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