AI-Enhanced Learning for Diverse Educational Needs

Embark on a journey with Adya Kumar, tech maestro and strategy guru, as she unravels the transformative impact of AI on education. Explore and discover the shift to AI-enhanced methods, and foresee the future of education through the captivating lens of Artificial Intelligence. Don't miss the frontier of learning evolution! 🔍🌐

Nov 18, 2023, 2:00 – 3:15 PM



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With the advent of Artificial Intelligence, the learning landscape is transitioning to cater to diverse educational needs. In the talk, Adya Kumar, a tech enthusiast and strategy leader, will share a glimpse of how her own learning journey looked like, and how she sees the impact of AI on learning and development. She will share insights on the shift from conventional to AI-enhanced learning methods, and outline the implications for both students and the workforce. Her talk will therefore focus on the future of education through the lens of AI enhanced learning.


  • Adya Kumar

    Founder of the Digitalization & Diversity Podcast


  • Shivam Suchak

    GDSC Lead

  • Elizaveta Larina

    Core Team

  • Leila Orbán

    SAP SE

    Core Team

  • Ignatio Calvin Hidayat

    Core Team

  • Anastasia Liman

    Core Team

  • Andreas Edte

    Core Team

  • Rozalinda Kotreli

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  • Ashish U Mandayam

    SAP SE

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