Figma Workshop 2024

The Google Developer Student Club (GDSC) at Universiti Malaya is excited to present a Figma Workshop for UM students. As technology continues to revolutionise the way we work and collaborate, proficiency in design tools like Figma has become essential for students across all disciplines. With this workshop, we aim to equip students with the necessary skills to excel in their endeavours.

Mar 22, 6:30 – 10:30 AM



Key Themes


About this event

Event Objectives

1. Introduce students to the fundamentals of Figma, a versatile design tool widely used in the industry.

2. Provide hands-on experience and practical guidance on using Figma for design projects, hackathons, and other academic activities.

3. Foster a collaborative learning environment where students can exchange ideas, seek guidance, and network with peers.

4. Empower students to unleash their creativity and leverage Figma's features to bring their design ideas to life.

Event Benefits

1. By joining Figma Workshop, students are able to:

2. Gain practical skills by learning essential Figma tools and techniques for design projects.

3. Enhance their resume with in-demand Figma proficiency.

4. Engage in teamwork and networking opportunities.

5. Streamline design workflows for increased efficiency.

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  • Fadzli Wan Muhammad

    Esports Innovation Group

    Senior UI/UX Designer

  • Alvin Ong

    Esports Innovation Group

    Junior UI/UX Designer


  • Lim Jun Yi

    Universiti Malaya

    GDSC Lead

  • Chua Xin Jie

    Universiti Malaya


  • Lee Weng Hong

    University Malaya


  • Dernice Lee

    University of Malaya


  • Samiha Tasnim

    Universiti Malaya

    Creative Team Lead

  • jacksheng lim

    Developer Team Lead

  • Jonas Chuan

    Universiti Malaya

    Event Team Lead

  • Melody Wong

    Public Relations Team Lead


    Universiti Malaya

    Tech (AI) Team Lead

  • Joshua Chew Jay Han

    Google Developer Student Clubs Universiti Malaya

    Tech (Web) Team Lead

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