Introduction to Basic Java Coding Workshop

This immersive online workshop is designed to provide university students who have little to no experience in Java coding and secondary school students with a comprehensive introduction to Java programming through the development of a basic project.

Dec 3, 2023, 6:00 – 8:30 AM



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About this event

In today's fast-changing world, technology, especially the versatile tool of Java programming, plays a huge role. Java is a computer programming language used to create various software applications, from websites and mobile apps to big systems. It affects our daily lives, from using Java-based apps to order food online to controlling our home's temperature with Java-powered smart devices. 

In the business world today, knowing how to do coding, especially in Java language, is becoming more and more important. When one is good at coding, they can create and make computer programs that really help businesses. Companies are searching for people who can use coding to connect old-fashioned business ways with the new digital world. Learning how to code, especially in Javaisn't just about making students' resumes look good.

Even if students aren't studying computer science, learning Java programming can be really helpful. This is because programming is needed in various fields. When students start working, they might be surprised by how important it is. Even students who are into engineering, where they usually need technical skills, often get asked if they can code, especially in Java. This shows that knowing Java is becoming important for everyone.

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Event Objectives:

  1. To introduce the fundamental concepts of Java programming.
    This workshop lets the participants gain a comprehensive insight into the language and also serves as an opportunity to kick-start their programming journey.
  2. To teach participants to code a small project using Java.
    We emphasize the practical application of Java by enabling participants to directly engage in a small coding project rather than overwhelming them with an exhaustive exploration of all Java fundamentals. This approach allows beginners to learn by doing, which can be more engaging and relevant.
  3. To encourage an exploratory mindset among participants.
    Through this small project, beginners will not only learn to code but also understand the iterative process of problem-solving, debugging, and refining their solutions. This exploration serves as an entry point into the world of coding, inviting participants to engage in continuous learning and experimentation beyond the workshop's scope.


This event is a collaboration between GDSC Universiti Malaya and students doing the SULAM project contributing towards society.

SULAM, an acronym for "Service Learning Malaysia - University for Society", is an initiative led by the Malaysia Ministry of Education. It is a response to the objectives outlined in Malaysia's Education Blueprint 2015–2025 for Higher Education, particularly focusing on the creation of well-rounded, entrepreneurial, and balanced graduates. Additionally, SULAM seeks to foster a culture of happiness, love, and mutual respect within Higher Learning Institutions (HLIs) to cultivate a positive and enjoyable learning environment.



Sunday, December 3, 2023
6:00 AM – 8:30 AM UTC


Arrival of Participants
Workshop Opening
Workshop 1: Basics of Java Programming
Short Break
Workshop 2: Hands-On Creating Basic Java Project
Quiz Session
Q&A Session
Photography Session
Workshop Conclusion


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