14-day Sprint Challenge

University of London
Jul 11 - 24, 2022, 12:00 AM (BST)

About this event

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The last Sprint was a success! We are running it again starting July 11th. Come join us with something you want to achieve in the duration of the challenge. It can be anything, RPL courses, certifications, module studies, side projects, etc... As long as you can share your progress daily, you are welcome!

Wanting to learn a coding skill or make progress on a programming project but lack the motivation to do so? Need some "pushing" to help you overcome procrastination?

Join the 14-day Sprint Challenge and be motivated to learn with your peers! The challenge runs for 14 days, and within the period we hope to spread the coding "culture" - learning to code is something you can't procrastinate about, but just like when learning a language, this too needs constant practice every day! Not to mention, mingle with new peers and see what they're working on as well!