Study Sessions: Algorithms & Data Structures I

Open, student-led study session for the CM1035 ADS1 module, covering the material from Week 5-8.

Jun 2, 10:00 – 11:00 AM



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GDSC University of London is organising regular study sessions for select modules from the BSc Computer Science program. It's common knowledge that studying in groups often helps students β€” distance learners or otherwise β€” stay on track, be more motivated, and communicate better with others. So let’s vibe together, learn together, and maybe even exchange cat memes (because balance, right?). 🐈

This study session is for CM1035 Algorithms & Data Structures I.

πŸ“… When? 

Sunday 2 June, 2024 @ 11 AM BST.

πŸ—ΊοΈ Where? 

A Google Meet virtual conference room, use this link to add the details to your Google Calendar.

πŸ€” How? 

We will be covering weeks 5-8 of the module, ranging from topics:

  1. Vectors, Queues and Stacks
  2. Basic Searching

Check out the discussion questions we have prepared for the session here.


  • Muhammad Hamza Saeed

    GDSC UoL

    Tech Instructor

  • Kayleigh Kivits


    HR Lead


  • Jana Dragovic

    GDSC Lead

  • Cynthia Tang

    Team Advisor

  • Kayleigh Kivits

    HR Lead

  • Matheus Colombo

    IT Lead

  • Francis Kim

    University of London

    IT Lead

  • Mostafa Higazy

    Tech Instructor

  • Ophelia Lavey

    University of London

    IT Lead

  • Lentin Varghese

    Akamai Technologies

    Tech Instructor

  • Hamza Saeed

    Tech Instructor

  • Injila J.

    Communication Designer

  • Ahmad-Tijani Bashorun

    Product & Web Design Lead

  • Maryam Shahzad

    HR Assistant

  • Danica Rachel Lim

    Graphics Designer

  • Rita Remoaldo

    HR Lead

  • Daria Nazarkina

    HR Lead

  • Moumita Mou

    HR Lead

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