Cyber security and how to work with it

Cyber security and how to work with it in GDSC Kufa

Feb 25, 6:00 PM – Feb 28, 8:00 PM



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About this event

The Google Student Club at the University of Kufa announced a Line course entitled

Cybersecurity and how to work with it

On Wednesday, February 28, 2024

At nine o'clock in the evening (09:00 PM) Baghdad time

Workshop topics:

•What is cyber security?

•What are the favorite titles of cyberpunk?

•How do we define our field?

•The starting point in cybersecurity.

• Develop a study plan for cyber law.

•What are the job opportunities available in the field?

• What should I do after graduating from the Cybersecurity Department?

Training Course :

Zainab Ali

•Graduate in Computer Science

• American Board Certified Trainer

•The trophy was discovered by the Ministry of Defense and Control of Estonia

•Startup Company for Commercial Project Management in 2020

•I work in several companies, including the British Redcode, the Emirati company Atheerna, and the ALSCO Software and Information Security Company.

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  • Redha Deaa

    Google, Team REZ

    GDSC Lead

  • Hassan Al Milani

    Full Stack Developer

  • Zahraa Hamed

    Core Team Member

  • Mohammed Salehi

    HR Manager

  • Israa sami

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