Robotics #2 - Intro to Robotics - Practical w/ Mohammed Almutoory

The second session of five in the Robotics track

About this event

"In the second Robotics session, you will be introduced to the following:

Programming a Humanoid Robot NAO.

Specification of the robot NAO


How to connect the robot.

Working tools

Controlling the robot body

Determine the needed language

Run a sound file.

Control eye color and blinking

Tactile commands

Control robot walking

Decision tool

Multi choices tool

Image processing & sensors

Different applications

If you're willing to work along, make sure you install Choregraph beforehand.

Organizers of this track:

Google Developer Student Clubs - University of Khartoum

GDSC Sana'a University

GDSC - Lebanese International University Yemen

GDSC Tanta University

GDSC Sohar University

GDSC University of Bahrain"


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