Introduction about Zindi Africa community | by: Reem El-Mahadi

Zindi hosts the largest community of African data scientists, working to solve the world’s most pressing challenges using machine learning and AI. We connect data scientists with organizations, and provide a place to learn, hone your skills and find a job. We want to transform the African continent and showcase African data science talent to the world

Mar 17, 2023, 8:00 AM – Mar 19, 2023, 6:00 PM



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Career DevelopmentCompose CampMachine Learning

About this event

ونواصل لكم ما تبقى من حدث يومنا المفتوح مع عائلتكم بنادي طلاب مطوري قوقل بجامعة الخرطوم💫

حيث سنتعرف سوياُ على أكبر مجتمع في إفريقيا للمهتمين بمجال علوم البيانات و تعلم الآلة

لن نقوم بإفساد المتعة عليكم أكثر من ذلك ، ترقبونا بعد قليل في لقاء حصري مع م. ريم المهدي لتطلعكم على المزيد من التفاصيل بخصوص هذا المجتمع والإعلان عن المسابقة السنوية الخاصة بطلاب الجامعات والتي ستقام بعد يومين 😃🔥.

دقائق معدودة تفصلنا ، فلا تبرحوا أماكنكم👏.


We will continue for you the rest of our open day event with your family at Google Developers Students Club - University of Khartoum 💫.

Where we will get to know about the largest community in Africa for those interested in the field of data science and machine learning.

We will not spoil the fun for you any more, so stay tuned for an exclusive interview with Eng. Reem Al-Mahdi to inform you of more details regarding this community and to announce the annual competition for university students, which will be held in two days 😃🔥.

A few minutes separate us, so don't leave your places 👏.






#GDSC_UniversityofKhartoum #GDSCUniversityofKhartoum

#GDSCSudan #GDSC_Sudan


  • Reem El-Mahadi


    Data Scientist @


  • Ahmed Ali Alameen Mustafa

    GDSC - University of Khartoum



  • Ahmed Alghali


    GDSC Lead

  • Mohamed Eltayeb

    Technical Team (Machine Intelligence)

  • Tajeldeen Mohammed


    Media Team (Content Writer)

  • Reem Mohammed

    Technical Team (Machine Intelligence)

  • Samia Asim

    Media Team (Graphic | UI Designer)

  • malaz taha

    Program Team (Program Manager)

  • Fawaz Yousif

    Technical Team (web/mobile Development)

  • mohammed Khalid

    Program Team (Technical Manager)

  • Adam Logman

    Technical Team (Machine Intelligence)

  • Asmaa Farouq

    Program Team (Program Manager)

  • Karam Elhaj

    Technical Team (Machine Intelligence)

  • Asrar Abdelgaber

    Media Team (Content Writer)

  • Maab Taha

    Media Team (Content Writer)

  • Mohamed Khalid

    Media Team (Content Writer | Social Media Manager)

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