GDSC University of Khartoum Info Session

Join us in this exciting event to know about Google Developer Student Clubs, and the chance to join an amazing learning tech community supported by Google, for anyone with an aspiration to kickstart their tech career, and also learn about what's to come in our plan this year (Training sessions roadmap, Workshops, Prizes and Kits)

About this event

- Introduction: What is GDSC?

- Meet the Team

- Initiatives: Hear the exciting workshops and topics we have planned for the year

- Benefits: Why you should join GDSC & what you'll gain out of being a part?

- How to Join

- QnA



  • Abdulmajid Ali

    Abdulmajid Ali

    Google Developer Student Clubs

    Google DSC Lead

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  • Kamal Adam

    Kamal Adam

    Core Team Member (Media and Communications)

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  • Dina Ehab

    Dina Ehab

    Core Team Member (Documentation)

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  • Tasneem Elsayed Abuelhassan

    Tasneem Elsayed Abuelhassan

    Core Team Member (Content Creation)

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  • Reem Mohammed

    Reem Mohammed

    Core Team Member (Documentation)

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  • Hiba Eljozouly

    Hiba Eljozouly

    Core Team Member (Content Creation)

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