Writing Graduation Research : Practical Examples

About this event

The session aims to identify the chapters that make up the graduation project , the contents of its chapters, and how to write each chapter. Where it will be explained how to write the following with examples:

1- introduction

  • Overview ,
  • Problem Statement
  • Goal and Objectives,
  • Scope of the Project
  • aim of project

2- Literature Review and Theoretical Background

  • how to write Related work(theoretical part)

3- methodology(proposed work)

  • How to write your own work (your method in writing the practical part)

4- Implementation, testing and Evaluation

  • Showing all project results and how to evaluate your work (practical part)

5- Conclusion and recommendation

6- References:how to use Mendeley Desktop program to set references



Thursday, Mar 24
8:00 PM - 10:00 PM (+03)