Web Dev Track On Qwiklabs

About this event

The session includes an explanation of Web Development Track on the َQwiklabs platform using Google Cloud technologies, solving some of the tasks required in the path and the mechanism of obtaining a gift from Google upon completion of the path, as well as a certificate from the GDSC in UOITC

The following topics will be explained in the course:

- Websites and Web Applications

- Deploying Applications

- Baseline: Deploy & Develop

- ASP.NET on Google Cloud

- Build a Website on Google Cloud

The Names of those who completed the Course & ID of Certificate


  • Tabarak Abdallah kareem       |      wdt-001

  • Mazen Mamdouh                     |      wdt-002

  • Raed M Abu Dalfa                    |      wdt-003

  • Ali Ahmed Hassn                     |      wdt-004

  • Zahraa Qassim Ali                   |      wdt-005